Spirit Driven Leadership Contribution

SpiritDrivenLeadership.org offers you an opportunity to be a worldwide minister in your area of gifting without leaving your community. While there is no monetary reward, there will be enormous reward knowing you are helping others in the world to develop the skills to lead the effort to improve their world.

You can contribute with your talents

Contribute your talents

or your pocket book.

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We still have a need for levels of material in a wide range of very creative mediums, including eBooks, short stories, videos, music, puppets, papers, drawings and anything to help you gain the tools to be a future leader. We commit to you our best effort to keep this leadership material exciting, engaging, and a pleasure to use regardless of your background, culture, or learning style.

Definition of Leadership:

Giving your heart to others by listening to their heart


When you grow a leader who values people you help the whole world