The Hai

The Hai

By Z Sansoni  

Wow! What a weird morning! There is a wispy, twirling fog. This is very strange indeed. It is hardly ever misty this high up on the mountain. Hmmm!

The HaiThis is Hai Mountain. It is the home of the Hai—a people. It is also the only place on earth where the Hai Berry can be grown. It is such a special berry—useful for heating, dying silks with fantastic colors, as an ointment or salve for itches or scratches and many other applications. It is a very useful berry indeed.

Today, on Hai Mountain, it is a very confusing day. It is a day filled with concern. Something has happened with no logical explanation. Something has happened that has not occurred before, at least in the recorded history of the people. The one and only, narrow and dangerous, path to the valley has disappeared! It was there just yesterday! It was there last night! Now it isn’t!

Also, it is (was) the only possible way to and from The Valley. The Valley is the home of the Le-Han—a people. You are to understand that the path was not just a path. No, no! It was a lifeline between the two people. Without the path, the Hai could not get food or supplies. They could perish. And with them, the only source of the world’s Hai Berry would be lost. The Hai lost; the Hai Berry lost! No! Inconceivable! Before this day, not to be a thought! Today, it is more than a thought. It is now a distinct possibility! No! Even worse! It’s really real! ...Next Chapter

Check out the rest of this great adventure – a story for all age groups.

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