Leadership Styles, Strategic Concepts, Core Competencies

Leadership Styles -Strategic Concepts - Core CompetenciesHave you ever wondered how accurately words communicate an idea or concept from the mind of a leader to the hearing of a follower? Walk with me on this topic for moment. Buried within leadership communication, rests the core meaning of the words, formed from the leaders’ years of hearing and using the words. When the leader speaks or writes the exact meaning of the words filters through all the past and current experiences. This is especially true as the meaning of the words alter - based on the leaders person communication style, his or her past and present competencies, and the most foundational concepts hidden in the memories of successes and failures.

The words encompassed in the title of this page are no exception. All the words in the title have the potential of a reader misinterpreting them, especially as they filter through the experiences and memories of that reader. To reduce misunderstanding, this page will try to build enough support to more firmly show meaning to keywords. We will deal with words like, but not limit to “regent,” “concepts,” “styles,” and “competencies,” all about leading.

Leadership Styles

Over the years, as rapidly as men change the width of their ties and women changed their skirt length, I have watched leadership styles change. I've forgotten how many leadership styles there are, but let's see how many I might remember.leadership styles

There was:

I am sure there are many more. But as we can see it is popular to put some current popular descriptive word in front of the word leadership and have a new and late breaking message for the world. The bottom line is that there are some strategic leadership basic concepts we continually need to address no matter what leadership styles we have in vogue at the moment. There are certain leadership core competencies that leaders need to maintain and develop. But when it is all said and done, you still have leaders and those the leaders are leading and they all need respect, honor, and to be valued.

Strategic Leadership Basic Concepts

Regent ParrotIf I was forced create a single discriptive word ahead of the word "leadership" that captures strategic leadership basic concepts with the goal of describing what I believe is biblical leadership, I would have to use the word “Regent.” Many people have forgotten the real meaning of Regent since there are few monarchs in government anymore. Essentially, a Regent is a representative of a king or queen. When the monarch finds it necessary to be relieved of the daily responsibility they assign those responsibilities to a Regent. For example, if for strategic leadership reasons the king or queen was to leave the country for an extended trip, he or she would name someone with leadership competencies to represent their personal self-interest while they are gone. If that Regent was to use that position for personal gain. upon the return of the monarch that Regent will likely end up in prison. The essential characteristic of a Regent is that they represent the interests, preferences, and desires of the monarch. It should never be a question of what the Regent likes or dislikes or what is in the best interest of the Regent, it is only about what is in the best interest of the monarch.

Leadership Core Competencies

Strategic leadership role for ChristApplying that concept to the church today would put God as the monarch and the one who's been given the task of leading God's work would be called the Regent. That relationship communicates foundational leadership core competencies. It is never a question whether the person in charge of the church likes green carpets or blue carpets, or likes stained-glass windows, regular windows, or no windows. It is always and only about what is the best interest of the monarch or in this case the gospel. So when someone is in a leading role for Christ, he or she is not the true leader - Christ is. The person in the leadership role is a Regent for Christ and needs to carry out the task in a manner that Christ would do if he were on the earth in bodily form. Unfortunately, I have been in too many churches who are immersed in conflict and discord where church members and leaders have disregarded their role in God's economy and taken over for Christ.


If I had to pick the most critical word in this page to engage deeply, it would have to be the word, “regent.” In our general population we have little use for this word, but it is a great word for the concept addressed in this page. I hope it all works for you, the reader. 

By Allen H Quist 

Definition of Leadership:

Giving your heart to others by listening to their heart


When you grow a leader who values people you help the whole world

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