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Come On

Catch Me



The Lintel

Ice Skating

First Breath

Stage Fright

Army of One

For Freedom

Camel Master

Psalm of Ruth

Hold His Hand

Young Jealousy

Prayer of Peace

Lost on the Trail

The Gift of Hope

Who is to Blame?

Funny Bike Story

Hindsight or Insight

The Centurion's Man

A Place Called Home

The Carpenter's Son

The Pig Pen Principle

My Father's Approval

if I ever loose my way

Safely Left in the Dark

Your Love Never Fails

The Intimacy of Choice

Torrance the Tiny Tortious

The Difficulty of Transition

The Prophet and the Beggar

God. Whose Very Name is Jealous

An 'Odd Couple' and Twenty Mules

A New Focus In Life - Wading through the weeds

Strategic Thinking – Seeing the Unexpected Coming

Model for an Emerging World - Systemic Organizational Design

Doing Less to Accomplish More - Leadership for the Next Generation

Enduring Values for Leadership Development - Drawn from a Study of 1 Timothy

Designing for the Unknown: Preparing The Church To Meet The Yet-To-Emerge Future

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Definition of Leadership:

Giving your heart to others by listening to their heart


When you grow a leader who values people you help the whole world