For Freedom

by Kyle Burton

Feet planted firmly here on revelation road
Letting go of the lies that i’ve been told
As lying street signs tempt me to wonder
How it is that I bought the lies you sold
Only to find within me a voice like thunder
Now my heart has been torn asunder
Split right down the middle by a double edged sword
Holding it in my hands I raise it to the Lord
Forward, steady and strong my feet carry me
Far from the land of chains into a place called free
Oh, how I long to wage war against hell itself
To tear down its gates and ride the winds of victory
In the whirlwind of this world’s tyranny
I find that I am safe within the eye of the storm
Should winter come and chill me once again
I know that inside there is a place kept warm
Where angels sing over me and my father erases this sin
Where strength rises to defy the gravity of my mistakes
And my journey towards freedom does begin
For I have drank deep the liquid lies of devious lakes
To thirst once more and to give in to an urge to take
To take and take but never give
Now I rise for the sake of the life I was meant to live
See to receive the truth we must embrace the pain
We must wade the waters of chaos to understand the rain
So I reach for clarity in faith that it will remain
I sing a song of hope until my dying day
Because there is a light that will never fade
And this light shall guide my way
Come whatever may, I will stay, I will stay
In peril and in danger I am fearless before my enemies
For the lies they would have me believe are breaking down around me
And so now I know who it is that has set me free
My eyes have been opened and I can see
That it is for freedom that I have been set free

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For Freedom a Poem by Kyle Burton

Definition of Leadership:

Giving your heart to others by listening to their heart


When you grow a leader who values people you help the whole world

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