Luis Palau

The Spirit Driven Church Foreword

Luis Palau

There is nothing more exciting than participating in a thriving, growing congregation that is obviously moved by God. I believe most Christians would give anything to be part of a church that is being radically renewed.

If we really want to see our churches become driven by the Holy Spirit, and if we want to see God radically transform his church across this country, we first must say “yes!” to the Holy Spirit’s work in our own lives. Otherwise, how can we promote what we ourselves haven’t experienced? How can we present what we don’t know and have?

Wherever I’ve seen church renewal and revival, I’ve always traced it back to a small group of Christians who were broken over their sin, confessed it, were cleansed, and began a fresh walk with the indwelling Christ. It has to start somewhere. Why not ask God to let it start with you?

Have you ever dreamed about what God wants to do—starting with you—in your church, in your city? I believe God wants to use you.

If God renews you, you’ll grow to love your church and pray for its people. And you’ll pray for the church around the world. You won’t have a sectarian bone in your body. Or if you do, you’ll crucify it. Because if we’re being led by the Holy Spirit, we will be diligent to do whatever God commands. And one of the primary commands repeated eight times for us in the New Testament is to “love one another.” That applies to all Christians, whether or not we agree on every point of doctrine and practice.

When I was younger, I preached certain minor points of doctrine with conviction. Now I’m embarrassed because after further prayer and study I’ve changed my mind about a few of those details. What I’d learned earlier sounded good, but wasn’t based squarely on a balanced view of God and his Word. So I’ve grown. That’s good. Let’s leave room for others to grow, too.

Let’s strive for the unity of the body of Christ—the church. Let’s love our brothers and sisters in Christ, pray for them, and respect them as his Word commands. We won’t see eye to eye on everything. But we can have unity because we were bought by the blood of the Savior, we’re filled with his Spirit, and we’re preaching his Word. That’s our common ground, our basis for unity with all who are called by his name.

The biblical principles presented in this book are deep, yet simple. They’re deep enough to challenge us for a lifetime, yet simple enough for most people to understand and apply immediately.

My prayer is that God will use this book to bless the whole church, here in this country and around the world. May he renew us all and give us boldness to allow our churches to be driven by his Holy Spirit.

Will you join me toward that end?

Luis Palau

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