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Choice a Poem by Kyle Burton

Caught in between war and peace, as I walk the wire of self preservation holding onto gravity with everything in me

On one side rebellion rages like a storm, on the other obedience whispers softly like a gentle breeze calling to set me free

PDF Choice ePubChoice kindle Choice

The Prophet And The Beggar
The Prophet And The Beggar a Poem by Kyle Burton
I came across a man with his head buried in the sand
Asked if I could have the honor of setting him free

I already am, he replied sternly
I listened intently as he began to explain something even he didn’t understand

PDF The Prophet And The Beggar ePub The Prophet And The Beggar kindle The Prophet And The Beggar

A place Called Home

A place Called Home a Poem by Kyle BurtonHeld in the arms of an old oak I rest in the forest of my soul
Making friends with the breeze
Where water sings like the current of time
And gravity carries me to the embrace of peace
Night falls and gives the stars their moment to shinePDF A place Called Home ePub A place Called Home kindle A place Called Home


Grace a Poem by Kyle BurtonThe screams lull him to a place in his mind
A sweet escape from the frigid chill of reality
Far from the alcohol on the breath of a soul resigned
Carried away from the nights of his father’s brutality
To a place where love reigns and peace is easy to findPDF Grace ePub Grace kindle Grace

For Freedom

For Freedom a Poem by Kyle BurtonFeet planted firmly here on revelation road
Letting go of the lies that i’ve been told
As lying street signs tempt me to wonder
How it is that I bought the lies you sold
Only to find within me a voice like thunder
Now my heart has been torn asunderPDF For Freedom ePub For Freedom kindle For Freedom

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