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God's Bucket List by Ken ProctorGod's Bucket List

In 2007, Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman secured "the bucket list" permanently into our mainstream cultural lexicon in a movi ...

PDF God's Bucket List ePub God's Bucket List kindle God's Bucket List

Why eggs at Easter? by Ken ProctorWhy eggs at Easter?

Some historians point to the fabulous Faberge eggs as the foundation of the tradition. Produced by Peter Carl Faberge between 1885 and 1917 ...

PDF Why eggs at Easter? ePub Why eggs at Easter? kindle Why eggs at Easter?

Earnestly, Tenderly a Poem by Ken ProctorEarnestly, Tenderly

The guitar sat gently on his worn, tattered jeans
As he rode the porch swing to a soft melody.
His eyes and his hands looked as old as his tune

PDF Earnestly, Tenderly ePub Earnestly, Tenderly kindle Earnestly, Tenderly

Army of ONE by Ken ProctorArmy of ONE

The sounds of many sandals on the hills,
The shine of shield and armor in the sun.
The thunder in the mountains of ten thousand angels’ wings...

PDF Army of ONE ePub Army of ONE kindle Army of ONE

Camel Master by Ken ProctorCamel Master

And the second camel answered, “The straw is small, and though it itches a bit, it is not a heavy burden and I can bare it.”

PDF Camel Master ePub Camel Master kindle Camel Master

Messenger a Poem by Ken ProctorMessenger

He told me...and I speak His words.
He sent me... and I have come.
I am His Messenger.
PDF Bequest ePub Bequest kindle Bequest

Bequest a Poem by Ken ProctorBequest

A year’s gone by since last July, when we gathered with the kin,

to celebrate my father’s life and to try to honor him,
PDF Bequest ePub Bequest kindle Bequest

The Centurion's ManThe Centurion's Man

My feverish mind drifted through a seemingly endless and disjointed series of dreamlike visions. A confusion of ordinary, even mundane, images that could have been...
PDF The Centurion's Man ePub The Centurion's Man kindle The Centurion's Man

The LintelThe Lintel

Rough cut and quickly, hand hewn, A common timber reduced, By adz and ax, to a baser purpose. For want of timber...
PDF The Lintel ePub The Lintel kindle The Lintel


Dropping upward... like slipping from a limp grasp, from a lifeless hand, and falling... upward. Escaping a tight restricting husk. Metamorphosis. Sweet release and ...

Doormat by Ken ProctorDoormat

I choose... to be Doormat.

Through complacency...okay, laziness...

I chose the easy path... I choose the easy out.

PDF Doormat ePub Doormat kindle Doormat
Ken Proctor Spirit Driven Author

About Ken

A friend of Spirit Driven Leadership introduced Ken Proctor to us because Ken has a gift of communicating valuable lessons through stories and poetry. Fortunately, Spirit Driven Leadership has the wonderful opportunity to bring to our audience Ken’s work. This material will come primarily in the form of articles, poems, short stories, lyrics and books.

Spirit Driven Leadership will be providing you with Ken’s topics covering from history to baking, agriculture to archeology. What we love about Ken you will discover through how he lends life to his characters and authenticity to his stories. You will find yourself laughing, pondering deep thoughts, crying, and otherwise engaging yourself in his material. You can visit Ken Proctor Author for more info. Contact Ken Proctor with any questions or comments

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