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Funny Bike Ride by Edward KeeblerFunny Bike Story

I had just become acclimated to the fact that I was middle-aged when almost out of nowhere I began to receive unsolicited correspondence from AARP and other organizations that cater to senior citizens. Senior citizen? That’s a moniker for old people ...
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My Father's Approval by Edward KeeblerMy Father's Approval

Dad sat watching in the stands as my second home run of the game sailed past the left field fence. Our team had just defeated the former Little League champions, and it was my hit that provided the margin of victory. I rounded third base and glanced up, hoping to capture a glimpse of him among the ecstatic crowd that pressed against the fence. My peek ...
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An 'Odd Couple' and Twenty Mules An 'Odd Couple' and Twenty Mules

During the middle of the nineteenth century California experienced a vast influx of new residents, many of whom were driven by the desire to strike it rich by discovering a vast fortune in gold mineral deposits or the "black gold" of oil. Another "gold," considered by some as "white gold" and perhaps not as well known...
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Edward KeeblerEdward Keebler grew up in the rural community of Lakeside, California. The small unincorporated town is located in San Diego's East County. Keebler felt a call to ministry early in life and after high school, completed his undergraduate studies at Vanguard University, divinity school at Fuller Theological Seminary and doctoral studies at Boston University.  He served in pastoral ministry for sixteen years, including six years as a reserve Chaplain in the U.S. Air Force and three years as an active duty Chaplain in the U.S. Army.  Soon after, Keebler accepted employment with the Governor's Office of Emergency Services and while working in executive management, assisted those effected by the Northridge Earthquake of 1994. In a leap of faith, Keebler resigned from this position to take on the challenge of becoming President and CEO of a start-up religious non-profit organization.  The organization, Keebler Ministries, has actively participated in funding, building and training churches and ministries in Africa.

As a means to support his passion for ministry, Keebler advanced through the ranks of the insurance and financial services industry, beginning as a field agent and working up through the ranks to Regional Vice President. Although currently licensed, Keebler left the corporate structure in order to devote most of his time to humanitarian projects, writing and public speaking.  Keebler's first novel, "Sing Me the Anger" is soon to be released as a work of literary fiction and is in the editing stage of completion. A second book, "Comfort After Death" has a target completion date of early winter. Keebler's writing history includes academic, devotional and historical articles.Contact Edward Keebler with any questions or comments

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