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Psalm of Ruth
Psalm of Ruth by Allen QuistThis Psalm of Ruth birthed out of an assignment in an Old Testament Survey class with Dr. Bruce Fong as the instructor. Quist had for some time fell in love with Hebrew poetic styles, so he decided to write a poem using the various styles available. However, not being sufficiently creative to come up with some meaningful themes to engage, he decided to rewrite a book of the Bible.PDF Psalm of Ruth ePub Psalm of Ruth kindle Psalm of Ruth

Strategic Thinking Seeing the Unexpected Coming
Strategic Thinking Seeing the Unexpected Coming by Allen QuistThe need for strategic thinking became obvious from a tragic story told by a local pastor. “The county condemned our church property to build a wider road! Now we have to move. We have so much of our lives invested here within these church walls. It’s like losing an old friend; it hurts. Why didn’t we see it coming? Why didn’t we foresee what is obvious now? What was wrong with our thinking?PDF Strategic Thinking ePub Strategic Thinking kindle Strategic Thinking

Principals of Flourishing in a Hostile Environment
Principals for Flourishing in a Hostile EnvironmentFor Christ’s fictive family to flourish despite hostility, believers must embrace communion with Christ and all other believers at a perichoretic level, recognizing God at work and living out their faith in service to one another expecting no reciprocity. History records the early Christian communities struggling to survive in a hostile environment.PDF Flourishing ePub Flourishing kindle Flourishing

Enduring Values for Leadership Development
Enduring Values for Leadership DevelopmentAs the popularity of leadership theories come and go, the life and battles of the first century church remain as a constant light illuminating the issues facing church leadership development today. This paper examines the values, culture, and struggles of the early church through the lens of Paul’s First Letter to Timothy, written to redirect the focus of God’s people to God’s honor through discernment of true from false teachers.PDF Enduring Values ePub Enduring Values kindle Enduring Values

Designing for the Unknown: Preparing The Church To Meet The Yet-To-Emerge Future
Designing for the Unknown: Preparing The Church To Meet  The Yet-To-Emerge FutureWhen Moses asked God for His name, God said, “I AM WHO I AM…”. The “I AM” name God revealed to Moses represents the timeless nature of God – the past, present, and future simultaneously; to God the present includes the past and the future. Throughout Scripture we can see that God used the knowledge and experience of the past, coupled with His revelation about the future to be the driving force and guide for His church.PDF Designing for the Unknown ePub Designing for the Unknown kindle Designing for the Unknown

Model for an Emerging World: A Systemic Organizational Design
Model for an Emerging World: Systemic Organizational Design by Allen QuistBecause of the rapid and continuous change in nearly all areas of an organization's internal and external environment, leaders must continuously study and engage all forces influencing their organization. They need clear understanding of their organization as one living in an environment while keeping all policies and procedures in alignment and working together. This article argues a systemic organization learns from its environment and adapts its internal systems to meet its emerging challenges.PDF Model for an Emerging ePub Model for an Emerging World kindle Model for an Emerging World

Spirit Driven ChurchThe Spirit Driven ChurchThe purpose of "The Spirit Driven Church" is to examine what Scripture says about Christian leadership and church management explicitly and implicitly. We intend to show how Scripture relates to "walking by the Spirit," God's ownership, our role as servants and stewards, and God's children--all issues of faith. We want you to discover, as we have, that the control of the Spirit, our love relationship with God, and the life of faith are central to all aspects church leadership and church management.ePUB Spirit Driven Church kindle Spirit Driven Church PDF Spirit Driven Church

Iglesia Dirigida por el Espíritu
Iglesia Dirigida por el EspírituEl propósito de “Iglesia Dirigida por el Espíritu” es examinar lo que las escrituras dicen acerca del liderazgo cristiano y la gerencia de la iglesia explícita e implícitamente. Es nuestro propósito mostrar como las Escrituras se relacionan con, andar por el Espíritu, ser propiedad de Dios, nuestro rol como siervos y administradores, y ser hijos de Dios: todos son asuntos de fe. Queremos que usted descubra, como nosotros la hemos hecho que ser controlados por el Espíritu muestra una relación de amor con Dios, y la vida de fe, son centrales en todos los aspectos del liderazgo y administración de la iglesia.ePUB Iglesia Dirigda Por El Espiritu kindle Iglesia Dirigda Por El Espiritu PDF| Iglesia Dirigda Por El Espiritu

About Allen

Doctor of Strategic Leadership

Allen QuistThirty-five years of work and a variety of leadership experience in the banking industry with fourteen years of university-based business and leadership education have provided Dr. Allen Quist a solid foundation to assist people and organizations needing help in leadership related issues. His areas of focus include developing new and existing leaders internally, in-depth problem defining and solving, maintaining sustainable cash flow, strategic planning, building creative and motivated teams, future scenario casting, and the implications of neuroscience as it relates to organizational social and technical systems.

Dr. Quist's broad-based banking experience includes diverse commercial and agricultural lending, retail and business bank administration, and managing change. His teaching experience includes teaching sales and financial analysis courses to bankers; organizational management and development at Multnomah University to MA students; and conferences for professionals covering budgeting, sustainable cash flow, building creativity, casting organizational futures, and fundamentals of leadership.

Allen's broad university education began at Washington State University with a BA in Social Sciences including general business, computer sciences, mathematics, and law. He graduated from Pacific Coast Banking School, a two-year graduate level program of bank leadership at the University of Washington, and from Northwest Agricultural Credit School at Washington State University. He completed his Master of Arts degree at Multnomah University focusing on Ministry management and development. Recently, Allen earned his Doctorate in Strategic Leadership from The School of Global Leadership and Entrepreneurship at Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The faculty voted Allen the "Outstanding Doctor of Strategic Leadership Graduate" award in May 2010. Allen has published in book, magazine, and journal forms, including:

  1. The Spirit Driven Church published via "Cook Communications" (now in three languages)
  2. The Cosmopolitan Servant Leader in the "Journal of Strategic Leadership"
  3. A Credible Leader for Turbulent Times in the "Journal of Strategic Leadership"
  4. God Equipped Magnificent Obsession in "Journal of The American Society for Church Growth"
  5. Here Today - the World Tomorrow: Transitioning Your Organization to Go Global in "Leadership Advance Online"
  6. Leadership Succession from Matthew's Gospel in "The Great Commission Journal"
  7. Where Are the Leaders? in "BuildingChurchLeaders.Com" by Christianity Today"
(Received award for one of the top ten most read articles in 2006.)Allen continues to research and expand His final doctoral project entitled 'Mind'-ing Your Organization: Reinventing Socio-Technical Systems for Creativity and Innovation - arguing the architecture of the brain provides a template for organizational social and technical systems.For more information,
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