Your Love Never Fails by Heather Acquistapace

God. Whose Very Name is Jealous

By Heather Acquistapace 

Sometimes I forget how much God loves me. It’s sad, but I often do. Life recently caught up with me and I lost sight of His affection. I did not entirely forget He loves me, but I did not think of it on a daily basis. God did not like my lack of consideration and decided to do something about it.

Your Love Never FailsMy commute to work is ten minutes and during that time, I listen to K-LOVE; a radio station filled with worship music, encouragement, and people excited for God. As I drove, a song named “Your Love Never Fails” from a band called the Newsboys came on. It is a beautiful song which sings about how we make mistakes and life is hard, but God is still with us and carries us through. The chorus is powerfully encouraging: “You stay the same through the ages; Your love never changes! There may be pain in the night, but joy comes in the morning. And when the oceans rage, I don’t have to be afraid, ‘cause I know that You love me, and Your love never fails!” I knew the song so I sang along and continued on my way to work.

After work, as I drove home and listened to K-LOVE, “Your Love Never Fails” came on again. I smiled, thought it was interesting the DJs would play the song again, and I sang along. The following day I went into town to run some errands. I turned on K-LOVE and was surprised to find “Your Love Never Fails” was playing. Later that day, on my way to work, it played again. “God, are You trying to tell me something?” I asked. I imagined him He smiling, but said nothing. The song played again as I drove home that night.

The week was full of “Your Love Never Fails” to the point where it was a little creepy. The song came on as I drove to work. It played when I drove home. I heard it at home. That Sunday, the worship team showed us a new song. Can you guess what it was? Yep, “Your Love Never Fails.” I heard that song at least once every day, if not more. The creepiness of hearing the same song over and over ebbed away, for I knew God was telling me something.

Finally, one night when my sister and I drove home from a friend’s house, the song came on once more. I grinned and began to sing with it. Out of the blue, God spoke. “Every time you hear this song is a time I say I love you.” I stopped singing as His words echoed in my mind. My eyes widened with revelation. The song was played often, too often sometimes. And every time He was saying He loves me? I smiled as I thought of the all times I heard “Your Love Never Fails.” Going to work. Coming home. Driving to do errands. At church. At home. I laughed with joy. My heart was touched that night, and I will always think of God’s love when “Your Love Never Fails” comes on. It’s our song.

Things to consider:

What a loving God we serve! He has many things to think about, and many people to save. Yet, He took time to show a simple, country girl He loves her dearly; and now I am telling you. His love never fails for you. Never forget that. I encourage you to listen to “Your Love Never Fails” by the Newsboys and let God speak to you. God wants to tell you He loves you. He wants you to believe it. Please believe it for there is no greater love than His.

P.S. I wrote this article Sunday morning before church. I’ll give you three guesses what song was played during worship. You guessed it! I had to laugh as I sang along with the worship team as they played “Your Love Never Fails”.

I love you too, God!

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Your Love Never Fails by Heather Acquistapace

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