Regency Leadership Development

Regency Leadership Development Leadership Development for the Next Generation

By Allen Quist 

Foundation of Regency

In Matthew 28:18-20, Jesus established Himself as an ever-present leader with permanent authority. First, as an ever-present leader, Jesus said He would be with His disciples always. Second, Jesus passed on His regency relations with His Father to His disciples keeping Himself as the patron with permanent authority. It is critical to notice that today Christians do not have an absentee leader. It is also critical to notice that Jesus kept His authority in His relations with His followers. Twenty-four hours a day, Jesus is with us as the one with the highest authority.

Since Christ holds all authority, a Christian regency-leader should not steal God’s authority. This does not suggest the regency-leader lacks authority. The one in a Christian regency-leadership role holds delegated authority, but for God’s purposes and according to God’s will. In the same way a monarch gives authority to the regency role, not the person in the role, a Christian regency-leader’s authority attaches to the role, not the person.

Figure 1 Triad ImageFor example, if a person accepts an Elder role in a congregation, certain responsibilities and authority go with the role under Christ. If in the future the individual leaves the Elder role, the Elder gives up the responsibility and authority. Christ is the only one with permanent authority based on who He is.

Next PageThe key to the regency relations with Christ surfaces in the simple triangle (Fig. 1). Christ is the head of His church with the regent-leader and the follower equal in Christ by position, but in different roles. The regent-leader holds a delegated authority under Christ; however, Christ always remains in highest authority.

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