Regency Leadership Development

Regency Leadership Development Leadership Development for the Next Generation

Imagining the Future

By Allen Quist 

The Unexpected

For many congregations, adapting to the unexpected simply means waiting for something to happen then planning their best approach to meet the challenge. For example, a congregation completes a large addition only to discover their city plans on building a new road cutting off part of the church’s building – so the city condemns the property and the congregation has to move. Or a congregation decides it wants a new church, so it sells its existing debt-free church to build a new church on expensive land financing it with the maximum dollars possible. Because of the recent economic downturn, the church giving drops forty percent and now, unable to finish the project, the church loses everything.

Regency-leaders must be able to deal with uncertainty while leading their church positively into the future. Today many forces act on our society and the church, like trends in technology, energy, demographics, societal values, and the social climate. All of these trends make it difficult to predict any specific future because there are too many variables. Leaders can deal with the predictable forces by creating suitable strategies. They Next Pagecan ignore the unimportant forces since those forces will not result in significant problems. But regency-leaders must learn to deal with the forces that are both unpredictable and important because these forces will result in serious challenges for the church. To help them, there is a tactic regency-leaders can use.

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