Regency Leadership Development

Regency Leadership Development Leadership Development for the Next Generation

The Emerging Global World

By Allen Quist 

Differing Ideologies

Increasing global instant communication and media pulls people from around the world into daily contact with other ideologies. We can watch an event on the other side of the globe as if it was happening just across our city. As a result, we now have daily contact with ideologies differing from our own.

Significantly, leaders within each of the differing ideologies want to lead others into what they believe creating a challenge for Christian regency-leaders. Regency-leaders need to be able to identify when conflicting ideologies try to influence the church. Meanwhile, they will also need to be able to lead the church to evangelize people from other ideologies.

Paul’s regency-driven life shows an ability to deal flexibly with conflicting ideologies. Paul remained steadfast in his commitment to Christ and the Gospel, but approached people of differing ideologies in a manner that would connect to them. When Paul went to a city with a Jewish Next Pagepopulation, he started in the synagogue with a discussion about the Messiah. When Paul went to Athens, he started with the city elders and a discussion about the unknown God. Similarly, today’s regency-leaders will need to lead the church to engage differing ideologies at their touch points without changing the message of the Gospel.

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Definition of Leadership:

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