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Regency Leadership Development Leadership Development for the Next Generation

The Emerging Global World

By Allen Quist 

The Emerging World

During most of world history, changes developed slowly and organizations enjoyed time to redesign to adapt to whatever change occurred. Daniel Wren wrote that through the long agricultural era, there was little pressure to change at all.  Through the early stages of the industrial era, organizations started recognizing the need to adapt and began making the necessary changes. In the later years of the industrial era, changes in the world emerged more rapidly and yet organizations were still able to adapt.

Now in the early stages of the technological era, organizations find themselves trapped. Emerging events develop quickly while organizations wrestle with a slow turnaround time of adaptation. Before many organizations are able to adapt to an emerging condition, the organizations face still another and newer emerging condition.  Rex Miller argues that with each new emerging event will come still another change resulting in an acceleration of still more change.  To adapt, organizations, including churches, will have to rethink how they approach change.

Next PageRegency-leaders and congregations today are beginning to struggle with adapting to many of the changes occurring in our society. Growing technology and media are an obvious development, one that many churches are eagerly leveraging for ministry purposes. Less obvious yet likely more significant are changes in the profile of our communities, including growing differences in ideologies and cultures.

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