Regency Leadership Development

Regency Leadership Development Leadership Development for the Next Generation

By Allen Quist 

Dealing with Systems

All organizations, including the church, perform in varying degrees in a world of systems – external systems (such as power and telephone) and internal systems (such as internal communication, computer, and governance). At times these systems work in conflict with one another creating a leadership challenge. But when all the systems perform in concert, they operate in full compatibility as if they were one.

The greatest struggle occurs when internal systems conflict with the core values of the regency-leaders and the church. For example, a facet of organizational governance could conflict with the value of “love.” Existing regency-leaders must teach the next generation to recognize potential conflict. Since love is a nonnegotiable command, the leader must adjust the governance response to align with love. Within the system of regency-leaders’ core values, they have a responsibility to love and respect one another every day.

As an illustration, a simple accounting system must incorporate procedures to protect more than the organization. Love demands it must also protect the individuals doing the work. A regency-leader’s value for people will require the leader to have the necessary procedures to protect people from false accusation. The question always before the regency-leaders is, “How does what we are doing fit within God’s core values?”

Next PageFor regency-leaders, the manner in which they use the various systems within the church communicates volumes about how serious leaders are about the core values. Just because a leader is able to send a message by email does not mean the leaders should use email; love and respect may call for a personal visit.

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Definition of Leadership:

Giving your heart to others by listening to their heart


When you grow a leader who values people you help the whole world

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