The God-Equipped Magnificent Obsession

The God-Equipped Magnificent Obsession

A Christ-Centered and Values-Based Strategic Intent

By Allen Quist 

The driving force of God-led positive obsessions

When God-led positive obsessions control our lives and church, all our life will reflect His core values. We will live our lives on the Romans 12 ‘living sacrifice’ level. Our vision will be at the positive obsessional or compelling motivational level. We will see God’s work differently. We won’t limit our perspective, but will strive for the positive obsession God calls for in Romans 12:1.

Hamel and Prahalad call this positive obsession “strategic intent.” While “strategic intent” seems like it focuses more on design and goals, it carries a sense of the depth of commitment to the design and goals. The words of Henry Varley (spoken later by Dwight L. Moody), captured the idea of positive obsession and “strategic intent,” “The world has yet to see what God can do with a man fully consecrated to him. By God’s help, I aim to be that man.” The person fully consecrated to God is a person with positive obsession. This positive obsession “strategic intent” drove Paul as he battled to reach the Gentiles for Christ. From a secular perspective, it was a positive obsession that compelled the U.S. Apollo team to put a man on the moon ahead of the Soviets. “Strategic intent” is long-term and sustained Next Pageambition (or positive obsession) out of proportion to the currently available resources and capabilities. It was positive obsession that drove the first century church and believers to abandon themselves to God’s purposes to grow His church.

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