Christian Model of Foresight

Christian Model of Foresight

An Ideological and Socio-Rhetorical Analysis of Revelation 2:1-7

By Allen Quist 

Contemporary Application of John’s Model

Today’s Christian organizations still require a model of foresight that combines futurum and adventus. We are still morally responsible to examine our past and present to determine the needed adjustments for our intended future, just as the Ephesians were exhorted to do. However, today’s organizations have a much broader range of information upon which to evaluate their past and present; we know more about the driving forces and trends affecting our current situation than the first century church. We have available the techniques and the experience to use to forecast plausible scenarios within our historical time horizon. We can make the best possible human choices to make those scenarios a reality. However, we will always be dependent upon adventus, God’s intervention to provide something totally outside of existing elements and human projections – the promised New Jerusalem.

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