By Ken Proctor  

And I watch Him. With clear eyes and clear mind, I watch Him. Seeing anew what has always been there: the subtle dichotomy. One moment He listens to the chatter among friends, smiling, a man comfortable and relaxed among men, and women, who have grown to love Him and believe in Him... to a point. The next moment, in the twinkling of an eye, there is something else... someone else, who speaks with the earnest clarity, the firm unshakable authority, and the disturbing, almost frightening, decidedly unsettling conviction of a monarch who defines the law, applies the law, and stands to proclaim judgment.

But then the moment passes... and there sits the man, with a sleeping child in His lap, a cup in his hand and a few stray crumbs in His beard. Like a fine crystal cup wrapped in a worn leather bag. Our God, or rather the Son of our God, wrapped for a time in the body of a man. And that is the dichotomy: is He the leather bag we see, or the precious cup within? I know now that it is both, He is both. One of us... yet, God with us.

As if reading my thoughts, He turns to me and gives the slightest shake of the head. ‘Don’t tell.’ I understand His message. ‘Not yet. There will be a time to reveal what you know, but not today.’ I nod ever so slightly. ‘I understand.’ He turns again to the conversation about Him, knowing I will keep His trust. And the moment passes.

Ever on the move, my Lord travels on and, for a time, I follow. Many have heard rumors of a resurrection, and having seen me and touched me and heard the words of so many witnesses, they too believe. But some believe he is Elijah born again. Others say he must be a new prophet sent by the Father with signs. Yet more proclaim that, at last, the Messiah, God the Son has finally come to rescue his people and will lead a great army to defeat their enemies. But they are all wrong. Peter knows... but he does not fully understand. I suspect that John and James know also, but they, too, fail to comprehend the path that our Lord must walk.

It is not our earthly enemies that He has come to defeat. And there are no armies, no munitions that can conquer the foe. No kings of men, or fathers of nations hold us so captive as our own guilt. No mighty men bind us so surely as our own sin. And no magic spell or silvan sword can free us from the fetters of our own design. A ransom is required. Payment is due. A sacrifice must be made, a surrogate found, to stand in our stead, to take our place. To pay the price. But no coin will do. Death is the sentence, so someone must die.

Word has come to us that the High Priest, Caiaphas himself, has declared that it is expedient that one man should die for the people, that the whole nation not perish. And it is he, with the aid of so many others, who now conspires to make it so, not for the glory of God, or the good of mankind, but for their own purposes. A substantial reward has been offered for information leading to the arrest of one Jesus of Nazareth. They are seeking my friend that they may silence him.

Evidently they are seeking me, too. Perhaps to bury the evidence. But I’m not worried. You see... I’ve been buried before... and I no longer fear death.

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