The Centurion's Man by Ken Proctor

The Cenurion's Man

By Ken Proctor  

“By the fourth day, I determined to find this teacher and bring him here... just in case there was anything he could do. Your bed was destroyed by the filth so we moved you to mine. There is more space in my room, the bed is more comfortable and the ventilation is much better.” He grinned at me, “You stank.”

“Two days it took to find the teacher, and then, at first, I held back and just listened. In the army you learn quickly which commanders are good leaders and which are not; who the troops will follow willingly and who they will oblige reluctantly. This young man, this teacher, would have been a great commander. The crowds were silent and still in his presence. He spoke with great authority and reasoned with such clarity.

“Even the spirits listened and obeyed.” The master turned to me and laid a hand on my shoulder. “I thought to myself, ‘This man is able to heal, but my house is not worthy.’ When I approached him, he did not turn from me, though I was in uniform and obviously not of his faith. I explained my need and he offered to come to you. But I knew it was not necessary for him to make the journey. Without question, he was able to do all things. He praised my faith, but more importantly, he granted my request. Then He went His way, and I was swallowed by the crowd.”

“But Master, why did you not hurry home to see... to be sure?” I asked.

“There was no need for haste. I knew all was well,” he said. “I am a Centurion, a commander of many men. When I say come here, they come. When I say go there, they go. And I knew that when the Master spoke, His word would not be ignored. Whatever malady or affliction beset you would flee at His command. Whatever evil, or pain, or sorrow assailed your dreams would be cast away. A great commander, even a king, had spoken, and I knew all was well.”

All was well. My master continued at his post, but despite that, was well regarded in the city. His charity and benevolence, among Jews and Gentiles alike, contributed greatly to the peace and health of the community. Likewise, the evenhanded administration of his duties lent stability and respect to his office and his command.

Within a year my indenturship was complete. I could strike out on my own, and I knew that my master would not send me away empty handed. But I had no family to speak of, no obligations left to meet, and nowhere in particular I wanted to go. So I stayed. My master hired me as a freeman to continue managing his household, stocking the kitchen, supervising meals and banquets... whatever needed attending to.

And I was content in my master’s house.

Word of my miraculous recovery had spread quickly throughout the region. People came to see me and at first I was annoyed... it was inconvenient to stop in my duties and tell the tale over and over. Besides, I knew nothing of the teacher who had healed me from afar.

But my master instructed me not to turn them away. He said it was the least that we could do, and describing His gift to us brought honor to the Giver. And if my work suffered, he would promote Nehum to assist me in my duties and find a new boy to replace him. I assured my master that it would not come to that.

As the months passed, the Teacher’s fame and renown grew among the people and across the land. His name was Yeshua, son of a Nazarene carpenter. But opinions regarding His teaching, His authority and His claims were divided at every level among the people. My master was concerned for His safety.

“Great men,” he said, “often have great enemies.” And he was right.

Within two years, powerful men arranged His execution.

The Crucifixion

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