Leadership Characteristics, Traits, QualitiesLeadership qualities, traits and characteristics

How do you describe a leader?

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Over the years, many authors and speakers have presented topics about leadership, usually focusing on the strategic activities we generally attribute to leadership - such concept as planning, controlling and motivating. Those activities drive the future in a significant way - yet they are only a piece of the leadership puzzle. Perhaps it is time to spend more energy on other issues like characteristics, traits and / or qualities. For the future of our country, maybe we need focus more on the heart of leadership, such as their ethic, values and morals.

Leadership CharacteristicsLeadership Characteristics

All leaders have leadership characteristics, such as differing mannerisms that set them apart from other people. They have different approaches to life that drive not only their decisions but the outcome of those decisions. They have differing ways they connect to other people that drive their behavior and their reaction to the words and behavior of other people resulting in varying depth of their relationships.

Leadership TraitsLeadership Traits

They all have traits such as their idiosyncrasies that reveal their humanness or their peculiarities that surface their individuality. What makes us unusual provides others an opportunity to connect to. Those specific unusual behaviors peculiar to the leader provide definition and distinctiveness for that leader.

Leadership QualitiesLeadership Qualities

All leaders have their qualities molding how they deal with people - such as top down demanding or collaborative enabling. The top down demanding quality drives a work environment far more leader focused than does a collaborative / enabling environment which focuses more on the team. All of this paints a picture for us as we examine the description of a leader.

Definition of Leadership:

Giving your heart to others by listening to their heart

When you grow a leader who values people you help the whole world

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