The Cosmopolitan Servant Leader

The Cosmopolitan Servant Leader

Leading like a gardener

cosmopolitan servant leaderThis paper introduces a need for a cosmopolitan servant leader to successfully engage and deal with today’s changing cross-cultural emerging world. Among others, the works of Winston and Patterson, Spears, and Marquardt and Berger, provide a platform to synthesize the characteristics of a servant leader and a cosmopolitan leader. From the synthesis, the research provides four core competencies for the cosmopolitan servant leader relative to the follower: valuing, preparing, focusing, and activating followers.

The cosmopolitan leader is like a gardener who has the big picture of the completed garden and knows each and every plant. Anything the gardener does not know becomes a point of intentional and applicable discovery and understanding. The cosmopolitan servant leader is fully a leader who does leadership activities, fully a servant who is concerned for the welfare of the follower, and fully a cosmopolitan who comfortably lives out values and responsibilities in a cross-cultural and complex world.

You can read this paper on the Regent University site or directly from the Journal of Strategic Leadership.

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