A Credible Leader

A Credible Leader

For a moment, imagine yourself an owner or in a leadership position of a growing organization of your choice. What would it be? Would it be a farm, a small business, a large business, or a non-profit organization, or something else? Imagine also how it feels to be successful.

credible leaderBut now imagine the organization suddenly thrust into an environment very much like we have been experiencing lately – a turbulence and unpredictable world. You cannot control all the forces driving your future. You cannot get enough information. What ever you do will upset some people who you consider your friends.

How might you remain a honorable credible leader in what could be the ultimate situational leadership challenge. What leadership characteristics, leadership traits, or leadership skills will you need to address leadership development and organizational development in an increasingly cosmopolitan environment?

A Credible Leader for Turbulent Times published in Regent University’s The Journal of Strategic Leadership may answer some of the questions you have or will have. Check it out.

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