Month: March 2012

Leaders – who is really in charge?

Leaders - who is really in charge?

Leaders, wrestle with these thoughts when you begin to feel important.

Sometimes it is very difficult to not get caught up in oneself when in a leadership role. Unfortunately, when that happens, those folks being led cease to perceive the leader as special. It is an interesting contradiction. As a leader, if you need to increase leadership effectiveness, then serving the organization by caring about the people and listening to their hearts not just their words will open the door for better communication and higher effectiveness. We as leaders (Pastors, Elders, Directors, etc.) are not gods, so we need to give up thinking or acting like we are.
leadership - who is really in charge?
But remember, we do not have the full deity of God to abandon, as did Christ.  But we can have a perceived autonomy, independent spirit , self-confident heart (deity of man) to abandon.

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Leaders - who is really in charge?