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The Gift of Hope by JoAnne E Billison & Tommy BillisonThe Gift of Hope

The Gift of Hope is an imaginative tale taken from the Bible account of Christ's birth. The story is fictional and does not include any actual expository study of the scriptures. The purpose is to stimulate deeper thought and appreciation into the mighty gift of Hope given us through the birth of Christ.
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Who is to Blame? by JoAnne BillisonWho is to Blame

Who is to blame for the state of the world?
Who is to blame for its decline?
Who is to blame for injustice, hatred, and violence?
Who is to blame, you ask?
PDF Who is to Blame? ePub Who is to Blame? kindle Who is to Blame?

Wading through the WeedsA New Focus In Life - Wading through the Weeds

Beautiful scenery and breathtaking landscapes fill my mind with dreams of beauty. When my husband and I began looking for a home, I expected to find a house with a beautiful lush landscape. I wanted something spectacular surrounding my home. We found a great house, but it had one drawback…no landscaping. My dream of owning a breathtaking, gardened covered cottage ...
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About JoAnne

JoAnne BillisonJoAnne Billison entered the kingdom of God married and mother of two. Right away she dove into God’s Word and began volunteering in ministry. She served in a variety of groups, including annual outreach events, Bible studies, life groups, prayer events, women’s retreats and workshops. She particularly loved developing and teaching Bible studies. Her passion to learn more about God and His Word led her to enroll at Multnomah Biblical Seminary where she graduated with a Masters of Divinity degree.

During her internship at Multnomah, she developed and implemented a biblical counseling class called, Walking Free. After graduation, she honed and perfected the class, helping many individuals heal from difficult life issues. After teaching several more years, she compiled her lessons into a book and is now the author of Walk Free: An Uncommon Cure to the Common Heart.

Being a survivor of breast cancer and losing a mother to Alzheimer’s disease, JoAnne understands difficult life issues. Enduring these, as well as other difficult circumstances, filled her heart with compassion for the hurting.

JoAnne Billison passionately loves helping Christians grow as leaders, disciples, and spiritually deep lovers of God. Her ability to weave counseling elements with Scriptural truths brings a unique perspective to her teachings. It is her heartfelt prayer that her work will encourage Christians to step out in faith, trust God and face the difficulties of life with new strength.Contact JoAnne with any questions or comments