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Come On By Heather AcquistapaceCome On

I needed a walk; the ants in my pants were telling me so. I asked my mom if she wanted to walk with me, and she gladly said yes, but first had to find her shoes. As she searched the house, I decided to prepare the family’s happy dog, Dexter, for the walk.
PDF Come On ePub Come On kindle Come On

God. Whose Very Name is Jealous by Heather AquistapaceGod. Whose Very Name is Jealous

Have you ever looked up “jealousy” in Google Images? Most pictures show someone glaring at someone else who has something the first person wants. They look mad, bitter, and a few even look dangerous. Did you know Scriptures say that God is a jealous God? Yet how can God be jealous if jealousy is bad?
PDF God. Whose Name is Jealous ePub God. Whose Name is Jealous kindle God. Whose Name is Jealous

Hold His Hand by Heather AcquistapaceHold His Hand

They come to hunt, to kill
To take any soul they will
No remoras or mercy found
As they hunt on, like a bloodhound
Laugh at sorrow, smile at blood
PDF Hold His Hand ePub Hold His Hand kindle Hold His Hand

Young Jealousy by Heather AcquistapaceYoung Jealousy

It was a pleasant day after school; the sun was shining between the creamy clouds, birds sang from the trees, and the flowers jeweled the neighborhoods. Children’s laughter could be heard from a park in the midst of apartments and houses, their smiles and cries of delight singing together with the birds.
PDF Young Jealousy ePub Young Jealousy kindle Young Jealousy

Young Jealousy by Heather AcquistapaceSafely Left in the Dark

The room was so dark Katie could not see a thing; the silence and void frightened the young girl. She quietly sat on a wooden chair. Her wide eyes stared into the blackness and wished there was light in the room. She found none. It was cold and damp and Tom was not with her. Her big, strong brother was always ...
PDF Safely Left in the Dark ePub Safely Left in the Dark kindle Safely Left in the Dark

Your Love Never Fails By Heather AcquistapaceYour Love Never Fails

Sometimes I forget how much God loves me. It’s sad, but I often do. Life recently caught up with me and I lost sight of His affection. I did not entirely forget He loves me, but I did not think of it on a daily basis. God did not like my lack of consideration and decided to do something about ...
PDF Your Love Never Fails ePub Your Love Never Fails kindle Your Love Never Fails

Anticipation by Heather AcquistapaceAnticipation

My wings tremble even now with anticipation! If He is so pleased with what will take place, so thrilled and filled with eagerness, then I am as well. Whatever He is going to create, though weak and dull, it will be His treasure, for I have never seen Him so joyful ...
PDF Anticipation ePub Anticipation kindle Anticipation

About Heather

Heather AcquistapaceIt is very difficult to be sitting in your back yard, writing a story with a smudging permanent marker, at the age of four years old; but that did not stop Heather Acquistapace. The longing to write had taken shape in Heather’s heart at a very young age and over the years has progressed to become a part of her.

Her passion to write has led her on an exciting journey. At the age of fourteen, the Lord had guided her creative abilities in writing a story revealing the spiritual perspective of Jesus’ death and resurrection in her book “The Day the Devil Smiled”, which was published in November of 2011. The amazing experience of being a co-author with God has placed a desire in Heather to only write stories that teach the greatness and love of the Father. “Any ol’ story can be good,” she reasons. “But only the elite stories are those who better the reader’s existence.”

Heather Acquistapace lives in Eastern Oregon with her supportive parents, Mary and Jason, and siblings, who are more like best friends, Reese and Esther. She dedicated her life to Jesus Christ in 1998 and is joyfully anticipating God’s next plan for her writing career.

Hearts of Glass
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"Chaos rises from the silent forest. Metal grinds against metal. Fury and blood flow. Cries mingle with the tree branches; cries of lives shattered like glass."

Though the future is uncertain, Heather is determined to face it head long, one hand holding a pen and the other clinging to the Lord of All.Contact Heather Acquistapace with any questions or comments

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