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Spirit Driven Leadership was established to provide leadership training with the theme “hearts touching hearts.” We offered this without cost to a world-wide audience. Soon it was evident that there was also a need for other types of literature developed by our authors to be made available to that same audience. So, currently we provide learning material to adults (ages 13 to 113) who want to be inspired to live a wonderful life and also to develop themselves for leadership roles.

Our three most current offerings will always be at the top of the page below.

God's Love Gifts

God's Love Gifts by Jon Drury

By Jon Drury

I have been created far inferior to others. The thought came as a shock in high school.

The implication rocked me. God loves me less than others.

My school idolized sports stars and leaders. I developed slowly, performed poorly in classes, and stumbled around the sports field. I did not know why God loved me less but concluded He did. When I evaluated my gifts, abilities, and achievements against those of others, I came up short.

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Army of ONE

Army of ONE by Ken Proctor

By Ken Proctor

The sounds of many sandals on the hills,
The shine of shield and armor in the sun.
The thunder in the mountains of ten thousand angels’ wings...

And the ONE.

The stamp of eager mounts compelled to wait
The creak of sinew bowstrings being strung
The murmur of new leather stretching taut among the host...

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Lost on the Trail

Lost on the Trail by Jon Drury

By Jon Drury

Ignoring the rules of hiking can be dangerous. I found that out when I became lost and alone at 7,000 feet while hiking in Yosemite National Park. Though I had initially followed markers and footprints, they had long since disappeared.

I had followed the terrain downward, but it was now so steep and rocky it was difficult to walk. Having hiked for six hours over strenuous trails, I was exhausted. My water supply was low. The sun was cooking me over a slow fire.

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Camel Master

Camel Master by Ken Proctor

By Ken Proctor

One camel said to another camel, “Your master has placed a straw upon your back. Why do you not shake it off?”

And the second camel answered, “The straw is small, and though it itches a bit, it is not a heavy burden and I can bare it.”

The next day, the camel’s master added another straw to the camel’s back. Again, the first camel asks, “Your master has placed another straw upon your back. Your burden has doubled.

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Wish Upon a Star

Meet the Puppens

Friends Puppet Company

Hey, look at that. The first star in the sky. Hey, that means I can make a wish and get whatever I want. All right. I wish I might, I wish I may, have this wish I wish today. Uh...I wish for all the junk food I can eat... Okay, where is it? Come on, star! We have a deal here. Now listen, star! Gimme my junk food or I’ll take you to court! I demand what is...

Yes, folks, this is Flash, the roving reporter, here at the scene of what is obviously a civil disturbance. Sir, what is the problem here?

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Danielle by Jon Drury

By Jon Drury

I first met Danielle on her doorstep, an enthusiastic new high school graduate and college student. Our local church fellowship was reaching every home in our community, and her family’s home was just a few streets away from where we lived.

We got to know Daniellle, and as the friendship with our family grew, we followed her progress in college. Then, heartbroken, she told us of a breakup with her boyfriend. Then we learned she was deeply troubled due to verbal and physical abuse suffered in her home

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Messenger a  Poem by Ken Proctor

By Ken Proctor

He told me...and I speak His words.
He sent me... and I have come.
I am His Messenger.

The angel of the Lord came down from heaven,
and, going to the tomb, rolled back the stone
and sat on it.

 Only His directions do I heed.
Nothing less... nothing more.
I am His Messenger.

 He sat on the stone, and though he saw the guards, he did not speak to them.

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Funny Bike Story

Funny Bike Story by Edward Keebler

By Edward Keebler

After a grueling 50-mile bike ride in record heat along the coast of San Diego, California. My hair is matted to my head, I’m sunburn, dirty and exhausted but it was a grand adventure and I got a good story from the experience.

I had just become acclimated to the fact that I was middle-aged when almost out of nowhere I began to receive unsolicited correspondence from AARP and other organizations that cater to senior citizens. Senior citizen? That’s a moniker for old people, isn’t it? I’m not old. Well, sort of not old anyway.

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Catch me

Catch me a  Poem by Ken Proctor

By Ken Proctor

“Hey, Daddy.” she calls from the foot of the slide,
a tiny bit nervous and fearful inside.

With her foot on the ladder and her hand on the rail,
“Will you catch me?”, she asks, though she knows that he will.

“Hey, Daddy,” she calls as she reaches the top,
and she looks from her perch at the perilous drop.

“Can you see me? Can you hear me?”, she is eager to know,
her view of him blocked by the turns down below.

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if i ever loose my way again

if I ever loose my way again a  Poem by Denny Bales

By Denny Bales

I use to think my life had no value,

All that I have learned and accomplished in music

Was of no use to anyone for anything.

My dreams were over and done,

My younger days of having fun

And riding that wave of success was finished.

I felt bankrupt, shipwrecked and done

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The Spirit Driven Church
Igesia Dirigda Por El Espiritu

The Spirit Driven Church Igesia Dirigda Por El Espiritu

Book By
Timothy Robnett & Allen Quist

Spirit Driven Leadership has brokered a deal with the book's authors as well as the publishers to bring you the original edition without cost.

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First Breath

First Breath a  Poem by Ken Proctor

By Ken Proctor

He drew His first breath in a stable where, for generations, men had shut away the sheep, the goats, the donkeys and oxen... perhaps for centuries. And in that breath the dust of mud walls and dung floors, of sun dried hay and sun baked bricks, carried the history of his family, his tribe and his people.

His first breath was strong with the scent of the land: laced with the musky sweat of the beasts, the fetid dung, musty hay... the coppery, rusty-iron tang of his mother’s blood, and ...

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Definition of Leadership:

Giving your heart to others by listening to their heart


When you grow a leader who values people you help the whole world

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