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To help you and others to grow as a Spirit driven leader in skills, knowledge, and heart, Spirit Driven Leadership will be offering you leadership training material without cost. Our approach will be two fold. We will provide this learning material to adults ages 13 to 113 or to organizations seeking to do leadership development. We will also provide this to parents wanting to develop their children into leaders. We are now offering The Spirit Driven Church free!

The Two Friends

Rebecca BurtonBy Rebecca Burton

A story of two friends.

One day there were two friends. They were really good friends. they were nice to each other.

But one of the friends went on a trip for two weeks and left the other friend ...

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God's going
Away PartyGod's going Away Party by Heather Acquistapace

By Heather Acquistapace

“Come on, Gab! We’re going to be late!”

“Coming! Coming, Michael!” Gabriel ran to his friend’s side and Michael shook his head with a smile. “What?”

“You forgot a present.”

“Ran out of time ...

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The Hai

The Hai by Z SansoniBy Z Sansoni

Wow! What a weird morning! There is a wispy, twirling fog. This is very strange indeed. It is hardly ever misty this high up on the mountain. Hmmm!

This is Hai Mountain. It is the home of the Hai—a people. It is also the only place on earth where the Hai Berry can be grown. It is such a ...

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Spirit Driven Leader

My Father's Approval

My Father's Approval by Edward KeeblerBy Edward Keebler

Dad sat watching in the stands as my second home run of the game sailed past the left field fence. Our team had just defeated the former Little League champions, and it was my hit that provided the margin of victory. I rounded third base and glanced ...

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Spirit Driven Church The Spirit Driven Church
Igesia Dirigda Por El Espiritu

Book By
Timothy Robnett & Allen Quist

Spirit Driven Leadership has brokered a deal with the book's authors as well as the publishers to bring you the original edition without cost.

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An 'Odd Couple' and Twenty Mules: The Fortune of the Sterling Borax Company in California's Santa Clarita Valley By Edward KeeblerAn 'Odd Couple'

By Edward Keebler

During the middle of the nineteenth century California experienced a vast influx of new residents, many of whom were driven by the desire to strike it rich by discovering a vast fortune in gold mineral deposits or the "black gold" of oil. Another "gold," considered ...

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Spirit Driven Leader

The Centurion's Man

The Centurion's ManBy Ken

My feverish mind drifted through a seemingly endless and disjointed series of dreamlike visions. A confusion of ordinary, even mundane, images that could have been memories had it not been for certain elements. Disturbing elements ...

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WatchOmnipresent Watch

By Heather Acquistapace

Chapter 1
How’s Your Security?
Emma’s order of coffee sat unattended as the young woman read a newspaper’s article with wide eyes and mouth open. She sat by herself at a small table inside a cozy coffee shop. The smell of coffee beans ...

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The Lintel

The Lintel By Ken ProctorBy Ken

The Story of the crucifiction from the point of view of the cross.
Rough cut and quickly
hand hewn
A common timber reduced
By adz and ax
to a baser purpose ...

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If you enjoy this and would like to be part of this project, please to help more people.

Definition of Leadership:

Giving your heart to others by listening to their heart

When you grow a leader who values people you help the whole world

The Lintel
Psalm of Ruth
Hold His Hand
Who is to Blame?
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