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To help you and others to grow as a Spirit driven leader in skills, knowledge, and heart, Spirit Driven Leadership will be offering you leadership training material without cost. Our approach will be two fold. We will provide this learning material to adults ages 13 to 113 or to organizations seeking to do leadership development. We will also provide this to parents wanting to develop their children into leaders. We are now offering The Spirit Driven Church free!

First BreathFirst Breath a  Poem by Ken Proctor

By Ken Proctor

He drew His first breath in a stable where, for generations, men had shut away the sheep, the goats, the donkeys and oxen... perhaps for centuries. And in that breath the dust of mud walls and dung floors, of sun dried hay and sun baked bricks, carried the history of his family, his tribe and his people.

His first breath was strong with the scent of the land: laced with the musky sweat of the beasts, the fetid dung, musty hay... the coppery, rusty-iron tang of his mother’s blood, and ...

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Mystery Rag ChuckerMystery Rag Chucker by Friends Puppet Company

By Friends Puppet Company

Based on Jesus’ teaching, Paul’s letter to the Roman’s found in the Bible provides teaching in Romans 12:21 on man’s leadership roles and life’s decisions from God’s perspective. People constantly wrestle with the outcome of the evil actions of people with its temptation to respond in a similar manner. Yet God calls His people to respond to evil in a manner opposite of our natural inclinations – by loving people.

Aggie, the rag tossing person sets the stage of a type of evil or naughty act ...

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ChoiceChoice a Poem by Kyle Burton

By Kyle Burton

Caught in between war and peace, as I walk the wire of self preservation holding onto gravity with everything in me

On one side rebellion rages like a storm, on the other obedience whispers softly like a gentle breeze calling to set me free

I am breaking to pieces as the walls of my past close in all around, my feet have only this sacred ground to call home

The choice is mine to decide who holds the throne, with nowhere to run from my heart of stone

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BequestBequest a Poem by Ken Proctor

By Ken Proctor

A year’s gone by since last July, when we gathered with the kin,

to celebrate my father’s life and to try to honor him,

to rest his last remains up on cometary hill,

to shed a heart felt tear or two... and to listen to his will.

My sister got the china that Mom used on Chrsitmas Day.

and the linens and the silverware that ...

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The Prophet And The BeggarThe Prophet And The Beggar by Kyle Burton

By Kyle Burton

I came across a man with his head buried in the sand
Asked if I could have the honor of setting him free

I already am, he replied sternly
I listened intently as he began to explain something even he didn’t understand

A beggar and a prophet once crossed paths he said
One had a smile on his face while the other was at war inside his head

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Christ poemChrist poem by Unknown Author

By Unknown Author

Christ for sickness, Christ for health,

Christ for poverty, Christ for wealth,

Christ for joy, Christ for sorrow,

Christ today and Christ tomorrow;

Christ my Life, and Christ my Light,

Christ for morning, noon and night,

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A place Called HomeA place Called Home by Kyle Burton

By Kyle Burton

Held in the arms of an old oak I rest in the forest of my soul

Making friends with the breeze

Where water sings like the current of time

And gravity carries me to the embrace of peace

Night falls and gives the stars their moment to shine

Inspiring me to breathe upon the coals of my hope

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Intimacy of ChoiceThe Intimacy of Choice by Heather Acquistapace

By Heather Acquistapace

The doctor’s office was quiet as the secretary checked his paper work and two young woman sat on opposite sides of the room. A heap of magazines were scattered across a coffee table between them and sunshine from a large window lit the room. One of the woman read from a magazine and the other filed her nails. The reading woman read from a magazine and the other filed her nails. The reading woman heaved a sigh and looked down at her stomach. It bulged with the signs...

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Prayer of PeacePrayer of Peace a Poem by Emily Quist

By Emily Quist

This is my prayer for peace,

For this world of grease,

And disease,

From sickly men.


This is my prayer for peace...

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For FreedomFor Freedom a Poem by Kyle Burton

By Kyle Burton

Feet planted firmly here on revelation road
Letting go of the lies that i’ve been told
As lying street signs tempt me to wonder
How it is that I bought the lies you sold
Only to find within me a voice like thunder
Now my heart has been torn asunder
Split right down the middle by a double edged sword
Holding it in my hands I raise it to the Lord

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The Spirit Driven Church Igesia Dirigda Por El Espiritu

The Spirit Driven Church
Igesia Dirigda Por El Espiritu

Book By
Timothy Robnett & Allen Quist

Spirit Driven Leadership has brokered a deal with the book's authors as well as the publishers to bring you the original edition without cost.

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Hindsight or Insight?Hindsight or Insight? by Chance Hill

By Chance Hill

I'm running a little behind because I've been out 32 days already and this is my first entry in to what was supposed to be my daily journal. But running behind's nothing new to me since I've been playing catch up, it seems, from the day I was pulled kicking and screaming from my mother's womb.
Anyway, enough about hindsight. Let's get to what this is about–insight.

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Definition of Leadership:

Giving your heart to others by listening to their heart


When you grow a leader who values people you help the whole world

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