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To help you and others to grow as a Spirit driven leader in skills, knowledge, and heart, Spirit Driven Leadership will be offering you leadership training material without cost. Our approach will be two fold. We will provide this learning material to adults ages 13 to 113 or to organizations seeking to do leadership development. We will also provide this to parents wanting to develop their children into leaders. We are now offering The Spirit Driven Church free!

Dudley The DandelionDudley The Dandelion illustration by Faith Burton story by Meg wilson

By Meg Wilson

Illustration by
Faith Burton

I Have a Purpose 

Dudley, the wisecracking dandelion and his many cousins, has everyone in stitches with wild stories.

He proves to everyone that there is even a plan for weeds in Mrs. Nestleberry’s garden.

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Stage Fright a Poem by Emily Quist

Stage Fright

By Emily Quist

The beat of my chest,

The cotton in my lungs,

Walked up wooden steps,

Onto eyes that wont rest,



Do you have stage fright? So do I.

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Annabel and The AntAnnabel and The Ant by Meg wilson - Illustration by Cheri Benson and Geri Berger

By Meg Wilson

Illustration by Cheri Benson and Geri Berger

Join Cornelius the wise cedar and the whole gang who live in Mrs. Nestleberry’s garden as they make new friends and discover new truths.

Flowers, trees and bugs all work together and have a place in this wonderful yard.

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Doormat a Poem by Ken Proctor


By Ken

I... am Doormat.

I choose... to be Doormat.

Through complacency...okay, laziness...

I chose the easy path...

I choose the easy out.

I avoid responsibility, because responsibility is ...

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The Hai

By Z Sansoni

The Hai by Z Sansoni

Wow! What a weird morning!

There is a wispy, twirling fog.

This is very strange indeed. It is hardly ever misty this high up on the mountain. Hmmm! This is Hai Mountain. It is the home of the Hai—a people.

It is also the only place on earth where the Hai Berry can be ...

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Anticipation by Heather Acquistapace

By Heather

Who knows what He is planning, but I am very excited for it. My wings tremble even now with anticipation!

If He is so pleased with what will take place, so thrilled and filled with eagerness, then I am as well. Whatever He is going to create, though weak and dull, it will be His ...

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The Two Friends

The Two Friends by Rebecca Burton

By Rebecca

A story of two friends.

One day there were two friends.
They were really good friends. they were nice to each other. But one of the friends went on a trip for two weeks and left the other friend ...
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Torrance The Tiny Tortious a Poem by Emily Quist

Torrance The Tiny Tortious

By Emily Quist

I love my tiny tortious Torrance,

He tells me the best jokes,

He’s a good old bloke,

That tiny tortious Torrance, ...

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My Father's Approval

By Edward Keebler

My Father's Approval by Edward KeeblerDad sat watching in the stands as my second home run of the game sailed past the left field fence.

Our team had just defeated the former Little League champions, and ...

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Enter the Dragon

Enter the Dragon By JoAnne BillisonBy JoAnne Billison

Life is full of dragons.

Some dragons are manageable while others prove to be formidable opponents. Learning to face our most formidable foes is a path that sets us free from worldly limitations and opens us up to endless possibilities.


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The Spirit Driven Church Igesia Dirigda Por El Espiritu

The Spirit Driven Church
Igesia Dirigda Por El Espiritu

Book By
Timothy Robnett & Allen Quist

Spirit Driven Leadership has brokered a deal with the book's authors as well as the publishers to bring you the original edition without cost.

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Tne Magi by Ken Proctor


By Ken

The pair had come late to the town. Two weeks they had walked, making poor progress on the crowded roads.

Their clothing, their hair, even the pores of their exposed skin, were encrusted with the fine dust kicked up by grumpy men, haggard wives, exhausted children, overburdened ...

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Definition of Leadership:

Giving your heart to others by listening to their heart


When you grow a leader who values people you help the whole world

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